Performance Management

RMG recruits, trains & retains some of the best people working in the social housing sector today. We are an 'Investors in People' accredited company.


We believe that effective performance management is the key factor in achieving our goals and providing excellent services. All of our services hold the Customer Service Excellence award and we are ISO9001 accredited as well.

Successful performance management means that we;

  • Measure and compare outputs to evaluate the positive impact on th quality of the lives of the residents we serve, and the value for money of our services
  • Establish appropriate staffing structures in line with our Business Plan and always ensure appropriate Service Plans are in place for measuring success
  • Set and publish targets for all areas of performance
  • Report regularly and discuss our performance with the relevant Boards, Committees, residents and other stakeholders, to ensure our staff are accountable for their performance
  • Provide reports with clear and concise information on our performance against targets; how we compare to our peers; and what corrective action will be taken for variances in performance
  • Fully review our services, policies and procedures to ensure staff have the tools to do their jobs effectively
  • Consult with officers and residents before introducing any new policies and procedures, which are backed up by robust performance management systems

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